Additional Minimum Requirements

SFH6 Entry Requirements September - 2017 Entry

SFH6 Entry Requirements September - 2017 Entry

The Government has begun to reform A level courses. This reform is being phased in over several years, the first changes started in September 2015 for some subjects, additional subjects came online in September 2016 and the last group of subjects will begin in September 2017.

Reformed Linear A Levels

These A levels are two year linear courses. The whole course is assessed at the end of Year 13. AS qualifications are also available in the reformed subjects and they are expected to be co teachable with the first year of the A level course.  The AS examination for these courses is a Stand Alone qualification which does not contribute to the final A level grade.


A Levels

Minimum point score of 38 including Maths and English at grade 4 at GCSE. This is equivalent to 4B and 4C grades overall at GCSE. Students will also need to achieve the subject specific criteria below:

Art & Design (Art)                                

Grade B in Art. Textiles or Graphics grade B considered + portfolio.


Grades BB in Science, 6 in Maths.


Grades BB in Science, 6 in Maths

Computer Science                                          

Grade B in Computer Science if taken or 6 in Maths along with the ability to demonstrate skills in programming or computer science.


Grade C in Dance if taken. Experience of performing dance


Grade C in Drama if taken. Experience of performance


Grade 6 in Maths & English

English Literature                                            

Grade 6 in English Language and Literature

Film Studies                                                       

Grade 6 in English

Further Mathematics                                    

Grade 8 in Maths (You must take AS Maths)


Grade B in Geography         

Government & Politics                                 

Grade B in History, if taken. If not, a grade 5 in English


Grade B in History.

Illustration & Animation (Graphics)         

Grade B in GCSE Art


Grade B in the in the relevant language


Grade 8 in Maths.  

Media Studies                                                  

Grade B in Media Studies if taken. If not then a Grade 6 grade in English or a B in a humanities subject

Philosophy & Ethics (RE)                              

Grade 6 in English and RE


Grades BB in Science, you must take AS Maths

Product Design                                                

Grade B in D&T if taken. If not, a grade B in Art


Grade 6 in English  and a 6 in Maths or B in Science


Grade B in Sociology if taken. If not then a grade 6 in English or a humanities subject.

Level 3 Vocational Courses

Minimum point score of 30 at GCSE including English Language at a 4 and Maths at a 3. This is equivalent to 5C grades and 3 D Grades at GCSE. Students will also need to achieve the subject specific criteria below:

CAMTEC Applied Media 

Grade 4 in English

BTEC National Science                                   

Grades CC or equivalent in Science, 4 in Maths preferably

BTEC National Business                                

Grade 4 in English, C in Humanities subject, C or 4 n Maths preferably

Financial Studies

Grade 4 in English and Maths

CAMTEC Health & Social Care                    

Grade 4 in Maths or ICT, 4 in English or Humanities subject


Grade C in ICT (or Level 2 Merit) if taken and in 4 English. 

BTEC Performing Arts (Music)                   

Grade C in GCSE Music if taken and ability to practice and read music and audition.

BTEC Performing Arts (Acting)                   

Grade C in Drama if taken or proven expertise/audition.

BTEC Sport                                                         

Grade C in PE if taken

Level 2 Vocational Courses

Minimum point score of 12 at GCSE. This is equivalent to 4 D grades.  


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