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If you are holding an offer for September 2016 we look forward to seeing you on June 27th for the start of our Bridging Week


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In 2014 over 120 SFH6 students secured places at university including the ones below.

  • Looking forward to meeting all our new 6th formers tomorrow for the start of Bridging Week 09:11 PM - 26th June, 2016
  • Want to start uni in 2017? You'll be the first to use our new Tariff. Understand it here: Read more Read more 11:13 AM - 25th June, 2016
  • Don't dream of winning, train for it...!! Read more 07:38 PM - 24th June, 2016
  • There's still time to vote! Get to your polling station before 10pm to vote in the . Don't miss out. Read more 07:53 PM - 23rd June, 2016
  • Only 47% of 18-24 year olds say they will definitely vote in the EU referendum. Will you and use your vote? Read more 06:02 PM - 22nd June, 2016