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Our Ethos

SFH6 is a diverse community of students from many different cultures and backgrounds, learning and working together in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. We have an ethos that encourages our students to aspire beyond their own expectations of what is possible.  While we value high academic achievement, and an increasing numbers of our students are gaining places at top research universities, we also value student progress at all levels and have had students who have moved successfully from Level 1 through Level 2 to Level 3 and onto to higher education.

Each person is known, valued and supported as an individual within a comprehensive system of pastoral care.  Sixth Form Tutors have a central role in supporting students' academic progress and personal development.  SFH6 students are expected to contribute to their schools and communities.  We encourage them to behave as role models with maturity and consideration fro others. SFH6 has an ethos of partnership, collaboration and cooperation between the two schools, their staff, governors, students and parents/carers with everyone encouraged to take a personal interest in our continual success.

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