A Level Art History


Year 12

The Art History course begins with an overview of Western Art from prehistoric times to the present day. You will be taught how to critically analyse artworks through academic and creative writing, question meaning and concepts and to articulate your own informed opinion and theories on artist’s work. The course is a perfect blend of academic and creative disciplines.

You will be taught transferrable research skills and there is a heavy emphasis on using new media to help you present your ideas from filmmaking to animation to Photoshop

Year 13

The A Level comprises of one coursework unit (60%) and one externally set exam unit (40%). The majority of your work is created outside of exam conditions. Year 13 is self-directed with you choosing an area of focus and interest. For the coursework unit, students are challenged to create their own artist using both their imagination and research into other artists and art movements.

Students are fully supported to be creative when inventing their artist through one to one tutorials and practical advice.

Art History is a course that will develop your creative, research, independent and writing skills. It is designed to prepare you with the confidence to be a success in further education.

We organise day trips to London galleries and have a biannual residential trip abroad.

Why Study….

Our approach to this course is designed to give students the confidence, knowledge, and discipline to further their study of Art in higher education. Previous students have gone onto foundation courses in art and design and degrees in Art, Art history, illustration, photography and fashion, as well as extended MA Courses, both in the UK and abroad. The course can also be taken to compliment other subjects as it has both a creative and academic approach.

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in Art or English. Textiles or Graphics grade 6 considered